All official HINAC advocates and HINAC volunteers are required to review and agree to the following HINAC core values.

I believe hackers don’t exploit out-of-scope for malicious intent. I believe hacking is a lifestyle, skill set, and a state of mind; an identity. I will represent the hacker community in a positive way and attempt to disprove negative stereotypes.

I believe current legislation is outdated and requires significant reform. I understand that we work to support and raise awareness to institutions that are redefining and protecting the rights of hackers.

I will avoid being disrespectful, especially when representing HINAC. I will be empathetic and attempt to maintain a positive tone when participating in the active discourse of presented issues.

I have read the Hacker's Manifesto and the Hacker Ethic. I support the position of I am the Cavalry on disclosure and if presented with the opportunity, I will recommend Disclose.io to my employer as an example of how to get started with vulnerability disclosure policies.

I will refrain from claiming authority to speak on behalf of HINAC when asked for commentary by media outlets. Should the occasion arise, I will consult with HINAC leadership before providing a response.

I understand we engage with a wide array of external sources to change the narrative that is presented and that attacking the media is prohibited. All interaction must be conducted in a positive format.

I understand the terms "white hat" and "black hat" are inappropriate. As an alternative, I support the following to be used instead to describe these personas:

White Hat
» Hacker
» Professional hacker
» Security researcher

Black Hat
» Cyber Criminal
» Cyber Attacker
» Threat Actor


Any form of unethical behavior, discrimination, or harassment will not be tolerated. If a determination is made that HINAC tenets have been violated and/or have misrepresented the HINAC community, the offending representative will be removed from HINAC and required to disassociate any and all affiliations, titles, badges, etc.

Please contact us if you believe aHINAC advocate, affiliate, organization, partner, sponsor, or volunteer has violated these policies.