The hacker culture promotes inclusivity regardless of ability, age, ethnicity, identity, race, religion, and orientation. We believe diversity is the best means through which personal growth is achieved. Open-mindedness fosters critical thinking and innovation, where order is created through chaos and balance is created through coexistence.

We proudly support the Electronic Frontier Alliance principles of free expression, security, privacy, creativity, and access to knowledge.


Hackers are implicitly ethical. Current legislation is outdated and requires significant reform. We raise awareness to institutions that are capable of redefining and protecting the rights of hackers. The Hacker's Manifesto and the Hacker Ethic support the position of I am the Cavalry and Disclose.io on vulnerability disclosure. The terms "White Hat" and "Black Hat" are obsolete terminology. We encourage the use of "Hacktivist", "Researcher", or "Whistleblower" for "White Hat" and "Attacker", "Malicious Adversary", or "Threat Actor" for "Black Hat".