Spread awareness about our cause!

Politely encourage those using "hacker" in a negative connotation to use "cyber criminal" instead. Since "cyber" and "criminal" are layman's terms with which many are already familiar, "cyber criminal" tends to resonate well with the majority of people. Kindly use the #HackingIsNotACrime hashtag for raising awareness.


Persuade and recruit others!

1. Sign and share our hacker rights petition
2. Tell the media
3. Encourage organizations to partner and campaign with us
4. Contact your representatives to update legislation
5. Support our affiliates, partners, organizations, and sponsors


Participate in our #HackerStories project by following these five easy steps!

  1. 1. Record a 2-5 minute video describing how being a hacker has impacted your life.

  2. 2. Conclude the video with "Join me in supporting Hacking is NOT a Crime".

  3. 3. Update the title to "#HackerStories: [Name]" after uploading it to YouTube.

  4. 4. Tweet your video, tag @hacknotcrime, and include the hashtag #HackerStories.