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No funds? No problem, spread the word instead!

Politely encourage those using the term "hacker" in a negative connotation to use the term "cyber criminal" instead. Since "cyber" and "criminal" are descriptive of unethical intent and are ubiquitous terms with which many are already familiar, "cyber criminal" tends to resonate well with the majority of people.  The terms "cyber attacker" and "threat actor" also work to a lesser extent. Kindly use the hashtag #HackingIsNotACrime when encountering these situations on social media to raise awareness.

Below are addition ways to raise awareness:

1. Sign and share our petition

2. Tell the media

3. Encourage organizations to partner and campaign with us

4. Contact your representatives to update legislation

5. Support our affiliates, partners, organizations, and sponsors

Are you interested in joining the HINAC cause? Contact us and let us know how you can help!


Disprove negative stereotypes by participating in our #HackerStories project!

1. Record a 2-5 minute video describing how being a hacker has impacted your life and share any vulnerability disclosure stories you might have.
2. Conclude the video with "Join me in supporting Hacking is NOT a Crime by uploading a personal video like this one to YouTube".
3. After uploading your video to YouTube, be sure to update the title to "#HackerStories:" followed by your real name or pseudonym.
4. Post your video on Twitter, tag @hacknotcrime, and include the hashtag #HackerStories.
5. Hacking is NOT a Crime will retweet it and upload it to our YouTube channel under our #HackerStories playlist.